7 Day MySmartStart

7 Day MySmartStart

Understanding The Glycemic Index


Let’s Get Started, !

Your 7 Day MySmartStart Week Course Content is below. Watch each video in the order that they appear and download the corresponding handouts when listed.

Also, be sure to take your Actions Steps listed below and review your Positive Affirmation.

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Step 1: Download Your MySmartStart Tips Document

(Right-Click To Download)


Video 1: Your Products, Diets, and Understanding the Glycemic Index


Video 2: Food Basics and Applying the Glycemic Index To Real Life

**Download the handout: SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge Food Basics and Low GI Charts (Right-click to download)

**Download the handout: {Science Alert} Nutrition 101: Carbs, Proteins, Fats (Right-click to download)


Create the Perfect Smoothie + Salad

Check Out These Infographics!

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[su_tab title=”Create A SexyFit™ Salad”]

This Week’s Action Steps:

  1. Stay true to the 7 Day MySmartStart and share your learnings and challenges with the group on the SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge Facebook Forum
  2. Use your SexyFit™ shopping list this week when heading to the grocery store. Choose which items fit into your budget; leave high-glycemic foods on the shelves!
  3. Journal in your SexyFit™ Notebook. What did you learn this week? What changes have you made? Is there anything you’d still like to work on?
  4. Every day:
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    • Drink at least 64 ounces of pure water
    • Stay true to the 7 Day MySmartStart
    • Take your AM Vitamins
    • Exercise: Schedule it in! And take off necessary days
    • Take your PM Vitamins
    • Say your positive affirmations and write your own



This Week’s Affirmation:

(Say to yourself each day or as often as you’d like)

[su_quote]I am ready to make necessary changes in my life and habits. I love my amazing, beautiful body and am excited to nourish it, and treat it with love and respect. It feels so amazing to be healthily detoxing and cleansing my body; I will stay true to the 7 Day MySmartStart.[/su_quote]