I lost 65 pounds and found a new career!

Thank goodness I found Carmen and the Development Site at the moment I was ready to make a change in my life! The program was simple. The food was delicious. The philosophy made sense to me. And Carmen’s support and education made this program different — and so much better — than anything I’d ever tried before. Carmen and her team of compassionate coaches gave me the confidence, knowledge and willpower to stick with the program and find my way back to health.

It’s hard to believe now that there was a time when I couldn’t lean over to tie my shoes without losing my breath.  Now 65 lbs lighter, I love my life and the freedom to do what I enjoy.  The principles I learned in the Challenge still guide me today.  The SexyFit Challenge is not a diet; it’s the first step in a healthy journey that is all about the joy of eating well and feeling well and living well. I’ll never turn back.  I simply feel too good to stop now.

This program inspired me so much that I decided to turn my healthy new lifestyle into my healthy new career.  I went back to school, became a nutrition therapist, and now love to coach others who are ready to look and feel their absolute best. Come join us — you can do this, I promise!

Ann Wolter | Denver, CO