Prep Week

Prep Week!

Preparing Is The First Step


Let’s Get Started, !

Step 1: Download Your Prep Week Guide.

This is where it all begins! You’ll find your tips, strategies, meal plan, recipes, shopping lists, and more. Read through this first.

Step 2: Watch each video in order as they appear on your screen.

Simply click on video to play; it may take a few seconds to load.


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Video 1: Start With Your Why with Carmen Marshall


Video 2: Learn How To Do The 7 Day MySmartStart with Carmen Marshall

Do you like the science behind this? Watch This Video!

**Note: Your SexyFit™ supplements are the single most important thing during your 35-Day Program (if I had to choose ONE thing). Leave your CellSentials and BiOmega near your fridge or toothbrush area – wherever you will see them so you remember to take them twice daily until it’s an unshakeable habit. Trust me on this one — they are the foundation of your cellular health, and therefore will improve your overall well-being, from the cellular level up.


Preparing For Your Challenge Tips + This Week’s Action Steps:

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  • Purchase your SexyFit™ Journal. You’ll want a beautiful, special notebook to journal in throughout your challenge. Make it something that has meaning to you so that you’ll enjoy writing in it. We recommend a journal that is the standard size of printer paper – 8 1/2 x 11. Carmen will show you in the first video above how to set up your journal.
  • Start eating healthy, fresh food. Increase your vegetable intake (green leafy veggies especially), fruit, lean meats, fish, low-glycemic grains (brown rice vs white rice) etc. Don’t diet (it never works anyways), but eat as healthily as you can as it will make the first 7 days of the challenge easier on your body (less to detox).
  • Don’t be tempted to have your “last supper” or “last days of eating cookies and ice cream” before your nutrition challenge starts. This isn’t a starvation cleanse, so you won’t be going hungry at all.
  • Begin to minimize your intake of sugar, alcohol and caffeine, especially in the few days leading to start. This also will make the 7 Day MySmartStart so much easier as you’ll have fewer toxins to “detox”. If you do consume alcohol, choose red wine (1-2 glasses per week if possible) and skip the beer, hard liquor and other types of wine.
  • Continue your current exercise program if you have one, and if you’re just starting or restarting, commit to 4-5 days a week of 20-30 min exercise, even if it’s just walking. Try something you love though – i.e. yoga, dancing, a new class, Zumba® dance, weights, etc.
  • If you’re the type that “eats it if it’s in the house”, clean out your cupboards and fridge of all tempting foods – give to neighbors or donate it to your local food drive. This goes for cookies, ice-cream, crackers etc – anything you know isn’t good for you. Replace with low-glycemic fruits (apples, grapefruit, “stone fruit” like nectarines and berries), lots of vegetables, whole grains, good fats, and lean proteins.
  • Increase your water intake to 64 ounces minimum throughout the day – this will get your energy going even before the challenge and will get toxins out before hand.
  • Be really proud of yourself – for having the courage & commitment it takes to proactively take care of your body and health! Know that all of your health goals can be reached, and that it just takes a little education and guidance.
  • Know that you have complete control over how you look and feel…and that health is a journey of small steps forward over time. And whether you want to lose 5 or 50 lbs, improve your immune system, fitness levels, energy, skin, and look and feel your best…this is going to be your best year yet and I’m looking forward to being part of your journey!



Prep Week Affirmation:

(Say to yourself each day or as often as you’d like.)

[su_quote]”I am ready to make necessary changes in my life and habits. I love my amazing, beautiful body and am excited to nourish it, and treat it with love and respect. It feels so amazing to be healthily detoxing and cleansing my body; I will stay true to the 7 Day MySmartStart.”[/su_quote]