Week #3

Week #3

Your SexyFit™ Mind, Body & Spirit

This is one of my favorite weeks – how to manage your USANA account AND your SexyFit Mind, Body + Sprit – it’s a FUN week!

First, let’s go through everything you need to know about your personal, FREE USANA account. It’s already been set up for you and it’s just like an Amazon account where you can login and shop at any time, and all of your information is stored there to make checkout a breeze. You’ll receive an email from your SexyFit™ Coach this week with your personal account ID and password, as well as detailed info about how to get the best pricing on all your SexyFit™ USANA products forever – as well as how to choose your products for the next set of 4 weeks so you don’t miss a beat.
[su_box title=”Hint:” box_color=”#a4151c” radius=”0″]If you opt to continue with your SexyFit™ Lifestyle after the Challenge is over — and I hope you do :-) — you have the option to set up an Auto Order and save an additional 10% on your monthly supply of supplements and foods. Just by having your account, you’ve already been saving 10% on all of your product orders, including when you started this program. Plus, USANA will give you an extra discount on your very first Auto Order, just to say “thanks” for being a loyal customer — you could save $20 or more!)[/su_box]

Video 1: Managing Your USANA Account & Saving $$ with Auto Order with Carmen Marshall

If you ever need help with your USANA product orders or account, call Customer Service at 1-866-872-6272 (US) and they will take excellent care of you (let them know you are a Preferred Customer at the beginning of the call). If you are in Canada, call 888-950-9595. If you are in Australia, call 800 687 872. If you are in the Netherlands, call 0800-022-7288. If you are in Belgium, call 0800 14 432. If you are in the United Kingdom, call 08 08 234 4478. For all other USANA Customer Service Offices, click here.

, it’s time to focus on your Mind, Body & Spirit!

So far, you’ve learned and integrated SO much – congratulations. It’s a HUGE thing to take on your health with such commitment and dedication to a new way of being.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey and for doing the program as designed – especially all of your “homework” every week!

We’ve spent a lot of time on the physical components of your SexyFit™ Lifestyle – supplementation, low G-I eating, exercise, reducing inflammation, how to navigate parties, travel, restaurants and life…all the really important physical components that are the foundation of your SexyFit™ Lifestyle.

Now it’s time to look at how the mind and spirit impact your body’s ability to become (and stay) SexyFit™. These are important to explore because they’re what actually “run the show.” They’re most effectively explored after you’ve had some time to incorporate the physical aspects of health – which is exactly what you’ve been doing for the past few weeks.

Now that you have a strong physical foundation to support you, let’s start exploring how mind, body and spirit all work together to create the SexyFit™ you!

This week’s video homework is less time consuming than last week, so use more of your time to journal and post what you learn from the Emotional Eating and Circle of Life exercises.  The more you journal and share on the SFNC Forum, the more you’ll transform old habits into new ways of being, and help others along the way.

Here’s to your SexyFit™ mind, body and spirit!


Video 1: Overcoming Emotional Eating with Carmen Marshall


Video 2: Primary Foods & The Circle of Life with Tara Hantske

**Download the handout: Circle of Life Exercise (Right-click to download)


Optional Bonus Video: The Science Of The USANA CellSentials

For people who really like the “sciencey” stuff.

**Download the handout: The USANA Difference & Quality.pdf (Right-click to download)

This Week’s Action Steps:

  1. Login to your USANA Account no later than THURSDAY of this week and verify Auto Order to save 10% on your upcoming order. Contact your SexyFit™ Coach or call USANA at 1-866-872-6272 if you need any help at all. It’s easy to shop and change your Auto Order online, but USANA Customer Service ROCKS and is sitting in Salt Lake City — and other cities around the world — waiting to help you.
  2. Journal a little more than usual this week. This week’s videos are designed to explore your mind, body and spirit as a whole — what’s working, what you want to expand, self care, and areas you can better balance. All designed to assist you to “Create A Life You Love!”
  3. Share your learnings and any “aha” moments on the SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge Forum.  Sharing helps transform your habits and helps others, too!
  4. Keep focused on your SexyFit™ body as you explore more of the emotional and mental aspects of your health.
  5. Every day:
  6. [su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#A4151C”]

    • Drink at least 64 ounces of pure water
    • Drink your favorite USANA Smoothie for breakfast and one other meal if on Phase I
    • Take your AM Vitamins
    • Eat as low-glycemically as possible
    • Exercise: Schedule it in! Take off necessary days as per your fitness level
    • Take your PM Vitamins



This Week’s Affirmation:

(Say to yourself each day or as often as you’d like.)

[su_quote]I choose to live a healthy, well-lived, soulful, created, connected life. I focus on my Primary Foods, notice my body sensations and feel my feelings. I do something pleasurable every day. I choose to treat myself with healthy foods and beverages that nourish my cells, mind and body. I love my body, and my body loves me. I am my own unique self, and I move through life happy, healthy and whole.[/su_quote]