Week #1

Week #1

Eating at Restaurants, Parties and Traveling


Welcome to Week 1,

Congrats on completing the 7 Day MySmartStart! It’s such a huge accomplishment and you should be really proud of yourself.

On to Week 1!

Download and read the handouts below on the last day of your MySmartStart to learn how to transition off your cleanse and what to do on Day 8 (Monday). It will also give you tips and recipes for transitioning into the next phase of your SexyFit™ Journey. Remember to go through all of the content on the weekend (preferably Saturday) to be super prepared for the week ahead.

**Download the handout: SFNC Week 1-4 Recipes and Guide (Right-click to download)

**Download the handout: Creating Your SexyFit™ Kitchen (Right-click to download)

This week we’ll get into eating at restaurants, happy hours, parties and while traveling. You will learn how to apply everything you learned last week to your everyday life when you’re out and about in the world.

If you ever are unsure of the glycemic index of a food – go back to your Food Basics and Low Glycemic Charts Document or go here to search: www.glycemicindex.com

Watch the videos in order as they appear below.


Video 1: Nutrition Concepts + Constructing Low Glycemic Meals & Snacks with Carmen Marshall


Video 2: Restaurants, Parties & Travel with Tara Hantske

**Download the handout: Tips For Restaurants, Parties & Travel (Right-click to download)


Video 3: Easy Home Cooking Tips with Tara Hantske


This Week’s Action Steps:

  1. Visit your favorite restaurants and practice your SexyFit™ Dining Out Strategies.Share what you ordered on the SexyFit™ Facebook Forum.
  2. Implement at least one new healthy cooking tip at home. Share any learnings or changes you made with the group.
  3. Journal in your SexyFit™ Notebook. What did you learn this week? What changes have you made? Is there anything you’d still like to work on?
  4. Every day:
    [su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#A4151C”]

    • Drink at least 64 ounces of pure water
    • Drink your favorite USANA Smoothie for breakfast
    • Take your AM Vitamins
    • Eat as low-glycemically as possible
    • Exercise: Schedule it in! And take off necessary days
    • Take your PM Vitamins



This Week’s Affirmation:

(Say to yourself each day or as often as you’d like.)

[su_quote]My past experiences and habits no longer take up space in my mind, spirit and body. This space is reserved for positive and inspiring thoughts only, that nurture and serve me.[/su_quote]