Week #2

Week #2

Understanding Exercise, Proper Supplementation & Inflammation


, Week 2 is Here

You’re well on your way to your new healthy, vibrant & SexyFit™ You!

Now that you know exactly what to eat, we’re going to dive a little deeper into understanding inflammation and why exercise and proper supplementation are so important.  We’re turning up the heat…are you ready??

Low glycemic eating, moderate exercise, and proper supplementation are the keys to having the healthy, vibrant body you want. These three things work in combination, and this week’s content will teach you how.  You will learn SO much this week about your body, your health and long term wellness.  Everything is designed specifically to help you create, expand and own your new SexyFit™ Lifestyle, step-by-step.


Video 1: How Much Exercise Do I Need? with Carmen Marshall

**Download the handout: Creating Time To Exercise + 25 Exercise Ideas (Right-click to download)


Video 2: Proper Supplementation: What You Need & Why You Need It with Carmen Marshall

**Download the handout: USANA Supplement Chart (Right-click to download)

**Download the handouts: The USANA Difference and USANA Accolades (Right-click to download)


{Science Alert: USANA InCelligence}

Watch these 3 videos to dive deeper into understanding USANA InCelligence and CellSentials – and why we love them so much.

**MUST SEE – Check Out This Infographic + Understand CellSentials In 30 Sec: https://whatsupusana.com/2016/11/infographic-usana-cellsentials/


Video 3: Understanding Inflammation with Tara Hantske



Video 4: SexyFit™ Arms: How To with Carmen Marshall



Video 5: SexyFit™ Arms: How To With Carmen


Exercise Online With Beyond Motion

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We’ve partnered with Beyond Motion to offer SexyFitters a way to make exercise and easy part of their SexyFit™ Lifestyle.

Working with BM’s virtual online training program gives you the freedom and flexibility to train where and when you want. Having an online personal trainer and Pilates instructor provides you all of the benefits of personal training/live classes, without having to worry about being in one place, your schedule, or available time. Your workouts are customized to your body, and your needs, and come with online videos so you know you’re doing the moves correctly.

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This Week’s Action Steps:

  1. Journal in your SexyFit™ Notebook. What did you learn this week? What changes have you made? Is there anything you’d still like to work on?
  2. Try a new exercise routine — something you love! Zumba? :-)
  3. Every day:
    [su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#A4151C”]

    • Drink at least 64 ounces of pure water
    • Take your AM Vitamins
    • Exercise: Schedule it in! And take off necessary days
    • Take your PM Vitamins
    • Say your positive affirmations and write your own



This Week’s Affirmation:

(Say to yourself each day or as often as you’d like)

[su_quote cite=”Adapted from the book ‘Experience Your Good Now!’ by Louise L. Hay”]My body knows how to be healthy, and I cooperate by feeding it healthy foods and beverages, and exercising in ways that are enjoyable to me. My body loves me, and I love my precious body. I am not my parents, nor do I choose to re-create their illnesses. I am so proud of myself for choosing my healthy lifestyle in which I nourish my mind, body & soul.[/su_quote]